Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Vince's Surgery

Vince had surgery today on his ACL and meniscus. The fact that he got to have surgery today is a miracle in itself! He was told last month that the Doctor was booked through March, they weren't yet booking for April, and there were 50 people on the list before him. Vince told them if there was a cancelation, he would take it. Praise God there was! He got a call about a week later that his surgery was scheduled for March 3rd (which was then about 2 weeks away).

His mom took him to the hospital this morning at 8:45am, stayed there all day (about 10 hours), and drove him home tonight (what a good mom)! Everything went well and there were no complications with the surgery.

I came over after he got back to say hi. He hurts a lot, obviously. It's really hard to see someone you love so much in pain. I really wish I could take it away from him. But thankfully the surgery is done, he just needs to heal and it will all be better from here on out (at least that's the plan).

Thank you for your prayers for Vince. Please keep praying for him to have minimal pain and a speedy recovery/rehab. We could also use financial prayers. Besides the fact that he'll have medical bills, we want to find him this ice machine to go on his knee that is supposed to majorly help his inflammation and pain. Our friends told us the machine costs about $200. Praying for a price tag much lower than that.

Thank you again!!

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