Monday, April 5, 2010


I started to feel a scratch in my throat yesterday, so I took some vitamins. I rested and drank water all day today, and even had some garlic to help fight getting sick. But it's only gotten worse! Seriously?? My throat feels like it's been scraped on the inside, my head hurts, my voice sounds nasty, my nose is running and I keep sneezing. This is not good.
Vince got me Michael Buble tickets in December for my Christmas present; the concert is tomorrow night! We thought maybe he wouldn't be able to go because of his surgery, but we never thought that I wouldn't be able to go. Please, God!!
I plan to rest all day tomorrow, drink even more water, down the vitamin C, and hope to be better by the evening. Fingers crossed and prayers said.

Please, oh please, oh please....

p.s. goodnight

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