Saturday, February 27, 2010

Hospital Run

Friday night we went to the hospital, but strangely, it wasn't for Vince... it was for me.

My heart has been doing some weird things lately. I noticed it was beating more irregularly and every so often it would "jump." It felt like it was trying to jump out of my chest and that did not feel good. My breathing also got weird.

The first night I noticed it I just tried to ignore it and went to sleep. I woke up and felt fine and everything seemed normal. But last night it started doing it again. I don't like going to the doctor so I was hoping I could just ignore it again. But then I started thinking, "The heart is kind of an important organ."

So I called an advice nurse at Kaiser. After talking to the doctor, the nurse asked me to come in. So around 9pm Vince drove me to Kaiser in Walnut Creek. I was seen right away since I was having chest pains (even though they were really minor pains). They did an EKG and everything turned out normal. So then I waited (in a gown) in a waiting room for about 3 hours. They wanted to take some blood work, but they were super busy. I tried to opt out on the blood work and just get it done this week with my doctor, but they insisted and soon after they took my blood. That test came back all fine and dandy also.

Then they told me they wanted to take an xray. I said no. They thought I might have pneumonia. Problem with that is #1- I have no symptoms of pneumonia, and #2, it's my HEART that hurts, not my lungs. When I finally saw the doctor, he agreed with me that I didn't need an xray (duh!). Kaiser can be so shady sometimes.

So they finished the night by saying it could be a thyroid thing. They're sending those tests to my regular doctor so I can meet up with him and talk about it. My mom informed me after this adventure that thyroid issues do run in my family on my dad's side. Not entirely sure what that means, but it probably would have been good to know before I went to see a doctor.
I really don't want anything serious to be wrong, but if all the tests come back that everything is fine, then why did my heart keep wigging out?

That was my "exciting" night/morning (finally got home and in bed at 3am).

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