Saturday, June 4, 2011

Maybe once a week??

Well, obviously the writing once a day didn't really work out so well. I'm thinking I'll shoot for once a week.... but even that might be a stretch for me. We'll see. We've been busy with Mika, work, and problems with our apartment complex.
Mika got fixed on Monday and has been a pain (not IN pain, but A pain) since. Poor thing is supposed to be isolated and lay low for two weeks. Not going to happen.
Work has been good. It's down to less than a week left of the school year! My kids have a written final on Monday, we're going to watch a movie on Tuesday, and then Wednesday/Thursday we will be going to a restaurant and the kids have to sign the whole time. It's fun and a good experience for them.
The drama with our apartment complex.... it's a long story and I don't want to post much about it until it's over. But we could use your prayers with all of that; prayers for peace, patience, and favor.


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