Saturday, January 1, 2011

Our Love Shack

Here are some pictures of our Apartment. There have been a few changes since I took these pictures, but you get the idea. The Christmas decorations have all been put away, so my awesome book shelf is back where the tree is in the pictures. I have a desk that matches the book shelf, and that is now in our bedroom (I'll post pictures of that once I get my computer set up). Lastly, Vince's parents bought us a beautiful kitchen table and 4 chairs for Christmas!! I am still working on decorating our bedroom and will post collages of everything when complete. Enjoy!

Our entry way and living/family room. The couches are from my grandparent's house down south (thank you, nannie and papa!!). I made the pillows and the art on the wall. Our "coffee table" is the chest that used to be at the end of my bed; I just put a piece of fabric over it as a "table cloth".

We no longer have the white Wii stand on the left of the tv and it makes the room feel bigger.
We decided to give Koda the porch. He has a cot back there (thanks, mom!) and a water bowl. He loves laying out there. I think when it gets warmer again, I might put a chair out there to read outside while he sleeps.

Another angle of the tree and tv.

I LOVE our tree. I couldn't find a tree skirt I liked, so I laid some white batting around the base to look like snow. It matched the tree and was super cheap! I can hardly wait to set it up next year!!

Our washer/dryer is in that little closet. LOVE it!!!

Koda has a little basket of toys. His food is now where the mirror is, and the mirror is in our room. And a picture frame is hanging on that wall straight back.

The Santa towels are now put away, but I still love our spacious Black and Green kitchen.

Our bathroom. My best friend painted the art on the wall. She's amazing!

My mom's bathroom inspired me to make this for our bathroom. It smells so good!


  1. So glad I got to see this place in person two separate times when I was home :) Love you ash

  2. Love your cute apartment. And that tree is beautiful! You did a great job with it! You'll have to teach me a few tricks next year. :)

  3. woman! what apartment number are you in? we live in the same apartments. i'm in 214. stop by some time :]