Thursday, January 27, 2011

Raw "Cooking"

Well, I'm in Oklahoma learning how to "cook" raw foods.
I thought it was going to be either really hard or really gross, but I was wrong on both accounts. It's super easy and so far it has been Delicious!! I've never wanted an iPhone, but it would have been nice to have one this week so I could take pictures of what we're making and post them on here. Oh well.

The website of the Chef/teacher is
Here's an excerpt from her website on what raw food is:

What are Living and Raw Foods?

Living and Raw foods are uncooked vegetables, fruits, soaked and sprouted nuts, seeds, and grains that contain powerful enzymes. At Pure we combine these vibrant ingredients to make incredible tasting cuisine. International cuisine from Italian, Asian, Mexican, and American dishes that taste unbelievable. Living raw foods have a much higher nutritional value than 'cooked' foods. When you heat foods to a temperature above 105 degrees you destroy the vital nutrients and enzymes while creating toxins. Heat changes the chemical make up of the food which creates substances that the body can no longer recognize. This causes unwanted damage within our bodies. Without the vital nutrients and enzymes we loose the 'life force' of the food and we get sick with illness & disease.

Day 1 consisted of learning different Mexican meals. We learned how to make:
Corn and Veggie Tortillas
(which were Awesome!!)
Chile Spiced Beans
(although there were no beans, it tasted just like beans)
Queso Cheese (no diary and delicious)
Awesome Guacamole
Fresh Tomato Lime Salsa
Baja Burritos (AMAZING!!)
Spicy Green Avocado Soup (I'd make it without the spicy-ness)
Chocolate Brownie with Frosting (to die for!!!)

Day 2 was all Italian cooking. We learned how to make:
Herb Pizza Crust (we get to eat it tomorrow... stay tuned on how it tastes...)
Scallion Basil Cheese (soooo good!!!)
Sun Dried Tomato Sauce
Lasagna (same note as the pizza crust...)
Rawmesian (homemade Parmesan cheese, minus the cheese part... DELICIOUS!!!)
Strawberry Cake with Honey Cream Cheese Frosting (tasted the batter and it was like ice cream! Can hardly wait to eat the cake tomorrow!! and we were out of honey, so it's just cream cheese frosting and it's still amazing!)

Tomorrow we're learning how to make Asian/Thai food!! Mmm!!!
Thanks for reading :)

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  1. I can't tell you how jealous I am... And, how excited I will be next week when you tell me all about it! : )