Sunday, May 8, 2011

Commitment Issues???

When we moved into the apartment, I thought that I hadn't put very much on the walls because we knew we wouldn't be living there for very long. But now that we're in a house, and we plan to be here for quite some time, I'm starting to think it's more than the short-term living situation that's preventing me from hanging things.
I realized today that I have a hard time fully committing where to put something. Sounds like a stupid problem... and it is... but our house just won't be complete until I buck up and get these walls decorated.
I've found pieces of art that I like, but Vince really wants all the pictures in the house to be made by ME (aaahhh!!!) So not only is there pressure for where to hang pictures, but alsowhatto hang. What have I done that's worthy of hanging on a wall??? I do plan on hanging some of our wedding photos which were taken by Euan Rannachan ( because those are AMAZING!!! But where to hang them??? and which ones to print on canvas???

I have issues.

Vince tells me, "They're just walls." My response, "Walls in our home." This is probably the lamest post on my blog yet, but that's what's on my mind, so that's what is being posted.

The other thing on my mind: The Royal Wedding. It was so beautiful! It makes me want to marry Vince all over again, and again!! Plus Prince William looks like Vince (not the other way around, since Vince is older than the Prince), so I think that makes me dream about it even more.

Thanks for reading my random thoughts. If you have any advice on how to overcome my fear of decorating our blank walls, please let me know.
I took the following pictures and messed with them today to possibly hang above our bed. Any thoughts? be honest; I can take it.


  1. Hanging things on walls is not permanent - they are movable, you know. Print, or have printed, some of your photos, edited any way you want, hang them and when you get weary of what's up there, replace them.